About My Jorley

Serious games with impact. We develop and build games for the social domain. And we implement them. They are dreamt up by someone else. YOU. Our target group. The insights and information you provide, give our games life and context. So our game looks and feels real to you.

What can My Jorley offer you?

As a health center you want young people to get tested. Our game responsibly builds towards an increase in visits.

As a young person you want to know more about your sexual health. You want it to be fun and on your terms. We provide.


Mobile games
My Jorley Ghana:  the first My Jorley was created in Ghana. In the game you are Kwesi. Your girlfriend has tragically died of an illegal abortion. You can turn it all around and make it right by making different choices and moving back in time.

My Jorley Nederland: the Dutch My Jorley is a fun game that focusses on the complexity that migrants from Eritrea have to deal with in the Netherlands (and Europe).

We team-up young people who love film with professional filmmakers to create (short) films. These are stand-alone and/or are part of a larger the cross medial experience that ties in with our mobile games.

We use this medium to enrich the cross medial experience of our mobile games and use it to reach a different audience.


Game development: if you want to reach your target group in an alternative and immersive way, you’ll want us to develop a game for you!
Game implementation: your game needs to be played big time and needs appropriate support. We got your back.
Consultancy: your organization does not (adequately) reach its goals. We have a different view and are here to help.