Theory of Change

In this graphic adaption of our “Theory of Change” model we explain how we map
problems and come up with solutions to address and reduce those problems.

1 Problems

My Jorley focusses on problems concerning sexual health and rights. These problems do not exist in a vacuum. They are always interwoven with other problems of the (amongst others) financial, psychological and societal order. Problems are mapped by field and deskresearch. Ghanaian problems include: the role of men, transactional sex, teenage pregnancies and a lack of SRHR knowledge. The problems we list here for Ghana can be projected on other regions, provided adequate research is employed. The exact nature of identified problems is, of course, highly contextual. These contextualized problems get a place in the Strategies we employ and, eventually, in the game itself.

2 Community involvement

Early on in any project we map the community and the key actors (2a) in it. They become an active part during the whole project and provide useful insights that are translated to each step we take.

6 Impact indicator

We measure the impact our output has on the world. They are directly connected to the Problems we identified in step 1. So, for instance, we want to see decline of transactional sex and an incline of knowledge on SRHR. An increase in number of teenager that visit a health clinic for more information can also be an impact indicator.

3 Strategies

The Strategies we formulate have a direct connection to the Problems we have identified. In the case of Ghana, “open, fair and correct SRHR-knowledge” is a long term goal we pursue (as a lack of knowledge is one of the identified Problems).

7 Outcomes

Outcomes are better equipped young people who are strengthened and knowledgable in the choices they make concerning SRHR topics and the use of My Jorley products and services.

4 Process indicators

We define Process indicators on collected quantitative and qualitative data in order to track behavioral change towards health sexual behavior of our target group. We strife to see our target group make informed decisions on sexual behavior.

8 Solutions

The impact we have or the Solutions we provide. In general: youth apply healthy sexual behaviour in the game and in daily life.

5 Output

Outputs are the tangible deliverables we ‘put out’ during our project. A (mobile) game, a film and a comic for instance. It encompasses the whole cross medial menu we cook up.

Download here the Theory of Change My Jorley